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Pitch For a Batman Fan-Film: Fall Of Gotham Rise Of Roman

Hello fans my name is Trae and I am the ceo of what I hope will be a big Movie Production Company someday called Eternal Studios Z.

I come here today asking for permission from the fans.Getting the approval for a fan made film is top priority. I have a plot for a potential fan-film in the making not about Batman, but about one of his enemies. A somewhat underappreciated character who I think does not get the attention he deserves on the big screen. That character is Roman Sionas aka The Black Mask. Yes I am working on a origin story that will make you truly appreciate him as a character. Less focused on action and more focused on character development I think I am the perfect person to bring him to life. Take a look at the plot and tell me what you think.

The setting takes place in Gotham(obviously) but before the entire city went crazy. The city is considered a gold mine for multimillionaire companies(such as Wayne Enterprises). But it is also the home of the highest poverty rate in America. But its okay though because you know talks and bull*$t walks.

Young Roman Sionas(around 12 years old) hates his parents because they abandoned him. Their desire to obtain more and more money pushed him away and eventually got him shipped off to live with his drug addicted aunt. Who doesn't hate young Roman, but resents him for being the reason she cant get her life together. She eventually dies... overdose on heroin leaving young Sionis on the streets where he develops a soft spot for the homeless.

Then he is discovered by his father's ex-partner none other than a young aged Sal Maroni. Sal pretty much raises Roman and teaches him everything about the streets.

Years later Roman discovers his parents were murdered, and that he was in sole possession of the company that he hated so much. His only regret was that he wasn't the one to do it. He wanted to get back at his parents in the only remaining way he knew how. So purposely he started to slowly run the company into the ground out of hatred for his parents. Maroni was outraged as he saw the opportunity to use the company and rival the powerhouse Falcone crime family on the streets.

So Maroni had Sionas set-up and blamed for his parents murder, using his hatred for his parents as leading evidence. Sionas is too young for prison(17) and is sent off to "The Gotham Mental Institute" (noticed the name because it is not Arkham Asylum.....Yet).

And the rest?.....well you will have to find out.This storyline is eventually what turns the city completely upside down, and brings the Batman we love and adore so much to life. Want to know how Sionas did it? Then you will have to follow along with us on this journey in an attempt to bring this vision to fruition. I plan on starting a crowdfunding campaign soon on And I want you all to be apart of this. Let me know what you think.

Think its a good idea and want to follow the upcoming? Then follow the team page @EternalStudiosZ on twitter

Have any ideas of your own and you want to pitch in? Then contact me personally @IamYasari on Twitter.

Think its a horrible idea? Then bash me in comments. I am always open to constructive criticism and I never take things personally so let me hear it.


Hey Trae, Sounds like you have a good idea. Go for it, don't wait around for approval. Just do it. It's easy and fun to get caught up in Hollywood hype about "Big Production Companies" and having the title "CEO" but it comes off as immature or young to mention it in posts. You are putting yourself out there and that's a good thing. The fact you recognize character development is important is also a sign you're on the right path. Your enthusiasm for your plans is great keep that up and focus on selling your Ideas not your personal goals. Good Luck. Now go make it happen.

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great thanks i will keep that in mind as i move forward

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