December 30, 2015 at 9:37AM


The Power of Myth: Creating Star Wars’ Mythos with Joseph Campbell

The Power of Myth is very powerful. With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens the interest in Star Wars is at an all time high. Whether you love or hate Star Wars you have to admit that creator George Lucas tapped into something primal when he came up with the saga that will define him.

With the gluttony of no story visual effects studio films, Star Wars has stood the test of time, but why? What is it about Star Wars that touches so many people around the world.

Sure the visual effects were and are amazing but it comes down to is STORY, something lacking in today’s cinematic landscape.

When George Lucas was in USC film school he was fascinated with the work of a Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology and the all important ‘Hero’s Journey‘.

Take a look at over 6 hours of videos discussing Star Wars, Myth building and understanding the origins of ALL stories:

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