September 17, 2016 at 10:51AM


Proaim BMP 60 R Blimp Windshield

The ProAim BMP 60 R Blimp windshield is a solid choice for the low budget film maker looking to improve the audio quality on their short films and video projects. At 60 cm in length, it is easily big enough to accommodate most shotgun microphones, and with a fur wind cover included it is perfect for use outside, in the wind. This shield will reduce and eliminate wind noise in adverse conditions ensuring that your sound is perfect for use in your final edit. The integrated shock mount ensures that the handling noise is kept to a minimum further ensuring that the sound is as good as it can be. The windshields modular design ensures that set up and break down is easy, ensuring that you can quickly set up to get the shots and sound that you need.

You can see the product here:

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