October 2, 2019 at 8:18AM


Production model for collective/cooperative production

I'm a producer looking to set up a community-based movie production. The goal is for hundreds of participants to take part in the production, learn filmmaking skills as a student/mentee/observer, contribute money (crowdfunding style), or help with promotions and marketing. In return, they will get a credit, they will get "shares" in production, they'll get real creative input, and they'll be part of a community.
This is similar to what filmmaking schools do, i.e. student productions, but in a community context instead.
I am looking for a production model that makes it possible to add new participants to the production using a contract template that specifies each persons contribution in dollars, in hours worked, production role, and how many shares they get for that.

Does a co-op movie production model like that exist?
Maybe there's a crowdfunding site dedicated to movie production that has something like this?
Thanks for your feedback.

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