November 14, 2014 at 8:20AM

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There are many Sync Boxes out there on the market now and though all of them do their job, they tend to be pretty expensive. But Tentacle Sync provides the professionalism of the established products like Ambient or Denecke, as well as a price tag that most indie filmmakers can afford.

The Tentacle hardware generates and jams to all standard SMPTE frame rates . The Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) ensures low drift of max. 1 frame in 24h. With the weight of only 1oz and measurements of a matchbox it is perfectly suited for small cameras and setups, where weight matters, like gimbal systems. Tentacles can also output Audiotimecode and have a built in microphone to work with DSLR or BMCC. So the device is not only interesting for audio and video professionals but also for independent filmmakers and semiprofessionals working with low budget cameras.

The included software not only syncs the imported audio and video files, but also gives the opportunity to export the synced material to editing systems or transcode it.

Cinema 5D reviewed the Tentacles and there are also some hands on videos to show how easy this product works:

Tentacle Sync is one of the most affordable timecode solutions out there right now. Via their crowd funding campaign they lowered the prize for preordering, so you can now get your hands on a package of two including software for €380. To learn more about this sync solution, check out the Tentacle Sync website or the indiegogo campain:

The product will be delivered in January.

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