February 8, 2016 at 10:04AM


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Hey guys! Would love some feedback on my latest video. I work at a clothing store and we are trying to create videos that show what makes the people here tick. I'm a one man crew so it's hard to get proper feedback. What do you guys like / dislike / what would you have done differently? Thanks :D


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I'm not an expert, this is what I see.

Her intro, with all those cuts is jarring. Just use the audio, and put it under the rapid fire pictures.

I do like the rapid fire pictures.

It's long. Too long.

If it's for the store, the mention of the store needs to be closer to the front. I don't think she really talks about the store until half way through.

The way you've framed her for the interview is awkward. She's looking way off camera and there is so much empty space.

Your music bed competes with her voice in spots.

Consider stabilizing your footage. This is somewhat personal preference as your movements aren't extreme.

You've recorded her saying a lot of good stuff, and your b-roll with the daughter is good too. If you can make it more concise. A minute long, it will have more impact. And you'll get more views.

February 9, 2016 at 8:28PM


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