December 21, 2014 at 7:08PM



Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera Package = $18,000USD obo

1 - Sony PMW-F5 Camera Body
1 - Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder
1 - Sony Viewfinder Cable
1 - Arri Sony F5/55 LWS Pro Set
- Arri Adapter Plate
- Arri Shoulder Pad
- Arri Tophandle
- Arri CCH-2 Center Camera Handle
- Arri VFA-1 Viewfinder Adapter
1 - Arri Viewfinder Plug Protection for F5/55
1 - Sony BP-L90 Olivine V-Mount Batteries
1 - Sony BC-L90 Battery Charger
2 - 128 GB Sony SxS Pro+ Cards
1 - Sony USB3.0 Card Reader
- Power Cable
1 - Solid Camera V-Lock to V-Lock Power Distribution Box
1 - i-Series SKB Road Case w/ Custom Foam
1 - Camrade Sony F5/55 Wetsuit Rain Cover

Total Retail Value: $29,277.70
Sale Price: $18,000USD obo
Camera is in excellent condition w/ slight cosmetic wear and has treated me well for the last 19 months. It has been a great investment and I'm sorry to see it go. This is the most versatile camera package out there in my opinion. It does everything you want 4K (in-camera w/ firmware update) and Raw (w/ AXS-R5), 2K & HD 1-180fps 10bit 4:2:2, HD1080p 4:4:4 up to 30fps. The camera is a lightweight run and gun beast. It is perfect for doc, narrative, commercial, music video. It has everything in one package including 14-stops dynamic range (which it actually has unlike some other cameras out there).

Please PM me with serious inquiries. I have attached some photos of the camera and an image from a recent film I shot with it. I have dozens more photos (full res) of all the AKS that I can send upon request.

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