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Scrivener Screenwriting App: The Final Draft Killer

Scrivener Screenwriting App: The Final Draft Killer
For some people, the only thing that matters is writing. They wake up with ideas, while some may carry around a table, others carry a notepad and pen to jot ideas, maybe choices, even a paragraph or two. The idea has been like a seed that was planted in the mind’s eye, and every day, it grows more. And so every day: notes. Ideas, maybe a short outline or two.

Some writers may get through six or seven pages when they sit down and start writing. It’s been said that art is never about the medium, but the artist. The same goes with authors. Each has a way to compile their notes and begin their writing. Some jump on their tablets or smartbooks to begin, some prefer to put pen to paper first. Each author – like artists – have a ritual when comes to writing, and it works for them.

When it’s all said and done, success!! It’s finally finished, right? Or is there more that needs to be conveyed? More that needs to be said? And if it is finished in manuscript form, how to make it a screenplay?

Enter Scrivener. Click below for a free trial download:

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