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Secrets to Becoming a Freelance Video Editor

There are some coveted jobs in the moving image industry. The writer/director is the most prestigious out of all the directing roles, someone who is lucky enough to be allowed to not only write their own materiel but also direct. Few people are granted such power in the higher echelons of film and television.

In my own branch of the industry the coveted title of freelance video editor is perhaps one of the most sought after and for a number of good reasons.

One of the major differences and genuine perks of being a freelance video editor as apposed to an in house editor at a production company, edit facility or broadcaster is the freedom to choose what we work on.

With the help of a good agent we are crafting our own careers and gravitating to projects that either fascinate us in some way or will enhance our resumes.

Another great perk of course is money, you simply get paid more as a freelance video editor. One of the downsides to working in house is that you rarely get to choose what it is you’re cutting.

That’s fine if you’re working on a show you love making but shows don’t last forever and at the end of the season you may be told to work on something that you’re really not feeling the love for.

If you’re spending hundreds of hours in that dark and solitary edit suite, working on something you’re really not interested in or doesn’t challenge you in some way can be very frustrating. I have quite a few friends who work in house and they do complain of the lack of variation and choice in their careers.

There are, of course, upsides to working in house and the biggest one is financial security. You get that pay check at the end of every month which can be important if you’ve got mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay.

A freelance video editor doesn’t have that kind of security and there are lean months in any year where you can be forced to work on some of the more ethically questionable Reality TV shows in order to keep earning.

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