February 27, 2020 at 7:14AM


Seeking Film & Comedy Submissions for Distribution Opportunity

SPACEMOB studio Indie Program ["Showflakes: Unique Films"]
SPACEMOB studio Shorts Program ["Long Story, Short"]
SPACEMOB studio Comedy Program ["BIGBOXlittlebox"]

We are currently seeking full-length, short film, and comedy submissions from filmmakers who own the rights, and are looking for a free opportunity to syndicate their content on Roku, Amazon Prime, and beyond.

SPACEMOB studio, in collaboration with Capstone Entertainment Group LLC, have partnered to distribute content through various OTT/ Connected TV platforms and channels. We love shorts, indie features, and comedy of all sorts (sketch, improv, stand-up, web series), and we're looking to help promote material that may not currently have other opportunities. Not only will these programs play an integral part in our ongoing effort to provide quality programming for our audiences, they'll help to build out a library of content that passes the 200-hour threshold, which will allow our group to expand with even bigger partnerships. This is a syndication opportunity where we do not expect to make revenue. There will be no profit participation, especially since Roku doesn't provide analytics that give insight into which piece of content received views. These projects are all about trying to help filmmakers expand the reach of their work.


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Oh jeez, yet another unfinanced entrepreneur who read that article from spring 2018 about starting your own streaming service, and seeks to build a business by exploiting creators. Avoid this scam!

February 28, 2020 at 11:47AM

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