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Shooting food

Hello guys,
I am shooting local food restaurants in my city.
It will be part of series I am making and it is called "Today's special".
Basically, it is about famous dishes from famous local restaurants from my city. Challenge is that each episode will be not more than 2 minutes.
So what I have decided until now is to start with establishing the location, next we do portraiture of the owner with his voice over and then we show the ingredients of dish (Top table shot), the process of making it (with inserts of the chef's) and we end it the close up of the dish.
I think I am missing something? Not sure what. Would like to feedback from you guys.


Being a food photographer is not simple. Food photography is one of those subsets of general photography that makes people stand up and take notice. Tell someone at a cocktail party you’re a food photographer and the response you’re likely to get is “wow!” But don’t rely on others to teach you what you want to know. There is no substitute for doing. I'm sure you should first show your work, and then we will be able to suggest what was missed. Best regards, essay writer expert

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Joseph C. Maples
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