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Short film about a girl and her video store


I just posted my senior thesis project and wanted to share it. It's called "I Hate the Color Red" . The film is about a girl who owns a video store so it really rides on a wave of nostalgia. Please check it out if you can and leave feedback if you would like.

Hope you enjoy!



Overall, I enjoyed the story. Not too in-your-face, but still enough to keep interest, with some decent set ups and pay offs. Supporting acting wasn't the best, but for a senior thesis project, i'm sure it's the best you had available (overall it was good, but some moments pulled me out because it didn't feel genuine). My biggest thing was audio: In the beginning parts of the short, especially at the movie store, the audio sounded really muddy/ unclear. Some pieces almost looked like there were some audio sync issues. The audio in the film fest short portion sounded much cleaner and audible than the actual short film.

Story wise, I wish there was some more establishment to what the actual goal was: the crowdfunding piece came in out of nowhere, but seemed to be the resolution to the story, as well as one guy coming in to the store, and not the store being packed out.

The second story piece I wasn't thrilled about is cutting from the short film to watch the film festival short. I get that you could see her recording stuff throughout, but throwing that short in was the one place I really just wanted to skip through. I don't know if it would have worked to incorporate the short film through the piece, or just more focus on the process, and her hard work into it, instead of just mentioning entering, and then 'you've been selected'. Again, nitpicky personal preference that may not have been possible; I would have wanted to see the theater packed out; maybe for production, actually showing the short to get people to come, and getting some genuine reactions to cut between in that moment. That way, when Sam comes in, it's a bit more justified to why he's at, or hosting a film festival with 4 attendees, and probably 2 entries, instead of a huge competition.

Overall, great job! I mean, I watched through the entire thing, so it caught my interest in the first minute (likely to find out what Junior was doing, so great set-up there) and pacing overall was a nice, slow ride, which worked for the nostalgic feel you were going for.

May 14, 2017 at 10:01PM

Craig Douglas
Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Videographer

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I loved it!! I thought that was so cool! It seems like you had limited resources and used them to their fullest and it created a great charm to the film. If I had to give any sort of constructive criticisms I'd say that giving the audio a little better mixing and overall level adjustments, so that it's more consistent in it's loudness throughout, might help. And the short doc in the middle is amazing and says everything you need it to for the story, but maybe if you condensed it a little more and got back to present time life sooner it would give you more time to wrap up the film. But that's just my shitty suggestions. Honestly I loved it and want to see more :)

May 19, 2017 at 6:47PM


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