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Short & Indie Film TV Channel Invites Filmmakers to Submit & Monetis/ze Films

VIVE Lifestyle Network to Launch SHORTies – First-of-its-Kind Streaming Short & Indie Film TV Channel

This unprecedented, incredible filmmaker opportunity is a real labour of love for everyone involved, and it is VLN's mission to show the world the finest collection of short, documentary and indie films anywhere (globally) available on every screen – from tablets to game boxes to smart TV’s and cable boxes everywhere. [VIVE Lifestyle Network will soon debut its suite of bespoke apps on a multitude of platforms, including SAMSUNG UHD smart TV's, hence its particular interest in screening 4K films.]

Not only does SHORTies provide a terrific chance for films to be seen, it also enables their creators to earn a fair share of sponsorships/spot adverts. VLN's revolutionary complementary crowdfunding platform, CROWDPOWER, offers filmmakers the convenience of fundraising, sourcing production services and distributing films via one network again and again.

Applications are being taken effective immediately. For more information, please visit shorties.vive-lifestyle.tv

Hope to hear from you soon!
The SHORTies Team (@SHORTiesTV)
VIVE Lifestyle Network Limited (@VIVELifestyleTV)



Read the official press release concerning open submissions and some new nuggets of information here:


April 30, 2015 at 10:00AM

Danielle Jacaman
Communications Director

Just a quick update in time for Cinco de Mayo (05/05):

SHORTies Celebrates Cinco de Mayo Offering One-Day Only £5 Film Submissions

SHORTies is celebrating Cinco de Mayo (05/05) with £5.00 film submissions in honour of its official mascot, Looney Lenni – a short, hairy Chihuahua with a bad attitude! Short, documentary, and indie feature filmmakers are invited to submit films to be screened on VIVE Lifestyle Network's SHORTies streaming television channel debuting on cable set top boxes and connected devices everywhere in June.

For more information: http://www.mynewsdesk.com/uk/vive-lifestyle-network-limited/events/short...

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