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Slider for Timelapse AND Narrative

I'm hoping some folks can chime in with thoughts/advice/experience.

I shoot all manner of projects- Corporate (heavy on interviews), narrative with crew, narrative with just me, and also timelapse (specifically astrophotography). I'm in the market for a slider, but my needs are so varied that I worry there is no perfect solution for me. I am hoping I'm wrong. Here are the main issues:

- Many sliders designed for timelapse have slow (& loud) motors, so if you want to shoot narrative work, your slides are too slow to follow someone across the room (& sound isn't happy). Unless you go manual, of course. This is an option, but I have a project coming up that would benefit from motorized, repeatable slides... which leads me to...

2) Motorized, repeatable slides bring some value to me. I know they won't be perfect, unless I got far more expensive, but having this in my back pocket is valuable, as I sometimes work with special FX.

- I love the idea of the Edelkrone Action module in conjunction with the Target module so you can have motorized camera moves that keep an interviewee in the shot (like the Redrock Micro One Man Crew slider).

- Portability. On some shoots I'm off in the mountains and would love to be able to strip down my slider and take just what I need for that one shoot.

Here are some nominees and their flaws, as I understand them.

Redrock Micro One Man Crew. ~$1500.
Limited to the one parabolic move, to my knowledge.

Cinetics Axis 360. ~$900-$2000
Expandable, upgradeable, which is great. However, my understanding is the the motor is too slow for any real narrative moves (faster slides). Anyone have any experience with this?

Kessler Second Shooter? This seems intriguing. Anyone have any experience with it?

Edelkrone Target Module + Action Module? Anyone have experience with this?

I know this is a broad question with very specific requirements, but I figured there might be some folks here with thoughts to offer.

- Andrew
Edelkrone Slider Pro Plus w/Target & Action module.

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Check out Cinevate as well.
Their sliders are great and can be motorized. I never used a motor, so I can't tell you how loud it is.
I do know the ball bearings of the Atlas make some sound (but it's amazinglysmooth), but the newer Duzi and Hedron should be more silent by design.

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