November 6, 2015 at 7:12AM


Sony A6000 - HDMI - ProRes HQ ??

testing codex with Sony A6000:
AVCHD - XAVCs - ProRes HQ.

As can be found elsewhere on the net, there is not much difference. XAVCS (50 Mbs) is more subtle than AVCHD (24 Mbs). ProRes HQ (220Mbs) via HDMI into Ninja 2 produces nothing better. To me it looks like a waste of space.
The Canon C100 makes much better use of ProRes HQ and produces very rich material. It must be a more professional camera ; )

Does anyone has an explanation, for the lack of improvement in ProRes HQ?

Details of test.
Sony A6000 with Portret Style, -3, -3, -3, as flat as possible.
ISO variation from 100 (min) to 12800 (max). The 1600-3200 ISO clips looked best.
In Davinci Resolve it was no problem to correct the overexposed clips. There is room above 1023 Ire. No blown out highlights! Pleasant surprise.
The underexposed clips were trickier to correct (small correction, big effect). 100 ISO was grainy (beyond recovery in Neat Video), but a lot emerged from the almost black clip.

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