September 23, 2014 at 6:44PM


Sony FS100 Tips and Tricks

I recently bought a Sony FS100 back in May, and love it. I've read every forum and post about settings, picture profiles, etc, and really want to open a dialogue with those of you who own and operate the camera.

I shoot everything from music videos, films, commercials, and industrials.

I know everybody has their preferred settings, be it lenses and the such. I would like to know if you've found ways that have made the camera special to you.

I recently came from a Canon t3i, and shot a ton of stuff on that, and got favorable reviews. I shot a location test on the Sony the other day, and client was amazed at how much better it looked than the past videos. It was funny to me because both being 1080p, the Sony gave him that feeling as if we were using an Arri.

This made me want to know if more of you have come across other such things using "obsolete gear" (jk) and found your passion for storytelling swell because of using a better piece of gear.

I've liked using the Strapping picture profile, the AbelCine JR45Cine2, the AbelCine Range, and Sony's Cine 1&2 with slight knee changes. What setting are you using?

Here's a shot of the AB Range using VisionColor's Osiris Vision 6 LUT on the top layer with their Kodak Gold Gen 6 LUT on the bottom, and color changes below that. I've also found using the Rec. 709 setting for the Vision 6 matched with using the Overlay setting quite good.


I have been using the FS100 for almost a year now, and I have had great Success with Frank Glencairn's G-Log Ultimate.
I have tried a lot of different PPs and this one by far trumps all the other ones...for my workflow anyway.

December 28, 2014 at 11:52PM

Ben Hilton
DP, Editor

Ditto***. This profile is really great. I just try to remember when shooting to protect the highlights and get a fair amount of contrast in-camera, not tons, but a decent amount, since it's only 8 bit. That way you won't push it too hard in post if you need to color correct and it will help avoid banding.
Love this camera, such a beast.

February 6, 2015 at 1:27PM

Ben Meredith

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