May 6, 2018 at 3:24AM

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Special Offer! Shiny Video Reviews

Hi All,

I work with Shiny. We have partnered with industry leaders to provide a written review/ feedback service for short-form videos - any videos under 5 mins, from music video to brand content.

Reviewers are commissioners, including XL Recordings, AEI, Channel 4 and Little Dot Studios, plus world class production companies including Partizan, Knucklehead, Rattling Stick, Agile & Stink.

All feedback will be actionable, honest & direct. You can quote feedback as 'Shiny Reviews' in your publicity if you choose.
Our introductory fee is £25, €29, $35 per video and includes free submission to the Shiny Awards. For the public, this fee rises end of May, but group members here can access the introductory fee until 1st September.

Just mention No Film School when you submit.
More details:

all best, Caroline

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