February 5, 2017 at 3:30AM, Edited February 5, 3:32AM


Spherical or Anamorphic ? Cinema Technical Blog

I don't know if it is a general trend or just a feeling that I'm getting lately, but I have the sensation that since a little while ago a lot of people are shooting or want to shoot with anamorphic lenses, but in many cases the answer to the question "why anamorphic" doesn't have any better answer than "well, great productions shoot mostly anamorphic". Forgetting that one of the most influent cinematographer nowadays such as Roger Deakins shoots mostly with spherical lenses, we should always consider both the positives and negatives sides of shooting with anamorphic lenses, since at the and of the day they are still just a tool.
It is true that anamorphic lenses have a very nice bokeh and they often give amazing flares, but they also have, specially from the AC's point of view, several downsides...


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