May 20, 2015 at 3:29PM


Stabilize 4k footage from small aircraft -- Bahamas

Hey guys,

Im a pilot and photographer, and just got back from a cool flying trip in the Bahamas islands. I mounted 2x of the new Sony X1000V action cams on the plane and did a lot of 4k footage around the islands.

I am using just the included "feet mounts" that come with the camera and drilled the locking base into the plane for a direct and very solid connection.

Still the camera is mounted so far out on the wingtip and with the wind speed, Im getting a lot of bumps and shaking and roll effect.

I tried the Warp Stabilizer in AE/Premier and also Final Cut's version and I cant get it smooth at all.

Anyway you guys could check my source footage in 4k, only 20mbs for 10 sec clip and see if you can make it smoother looking? Download link here

Really awesome scenery down there and Id like to post more so other people can enjoy it

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