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Starting a Film Making Career

How do I start a career making films, I have no idea where to start. I am still in high school, so I don't have much time, but I know that i should be making films, but it is hard to find time. Could someone please help me?


If your school has an Audio Visual Production class take it. If they have competitions like SkillsUSA then participate in them. This is how my daughter got started. If you don't have that opportunity in school then there are plenty of sites on the internet like this one to self teach. I hear from all the sites it is not something that happens over a year or two. My daughter has had 4 years of it and had some "minor" success but part of it is also being around good people that share you interest in film. Normally films take a crew. It takes time. It depends on what you put into it. As I stated in the other post I'm not a filmmaker but I've done enough studying to understand what my daughter dreams of. She wants to become a Cinematographer. She is now in college. I've been told it could be 5-10 years after college for her to break through, if she does. All depends on effort and luck and who you know (networking). After HS school you have the choice of going to film school or college that has a film school. There are many articles on the web about the pros and cons. Go search them out. The most important thing I've heard though from sites, like I posted in the other thread. Keep creating. Search out those that inspire you and learn from them. Search out mentors and people you can work with that share your passion. Look for any opportunity to shoot.

Here is my daughter's partner in crime site. This is what 4 years of High School AVP classes allowed them to do. Note they were at the top of their class and had an outstanding teacher but with right effort anyone can do what they have done. Below is a SkillsUSA film they won state with (had a prompt and like 36 hrs to produce). This may not be your style of video but what I'm trying to get across by sharing is getting in a class gives you access to people (who share your passion), instruction and equipment you may not have yourself. Check out the rest of the MM channel and the link that follows it which is their AVP class channel.

Good luck. Follow your passion.

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That's awesome that you're supporting your daughter so much. I wasn't lucky enough to have film resources in high school but there's always a way to get started. I'd recommend asking friends to help you out and seeing if you can find like minded individuals. More than anything it's willing to embarrass yourself over and over again, not get discouraged and learn from your mistakes!

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