August 26, 2015 at 7:49PM, Edited August 26, 7:56PM

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Still using a coin to mount your camera?

We all know the story.
It all starts as a game. A camera becomes our best friend. We film just for the fun of it, then we grow up and decide to improve our technique. We create stories and we use the best gear at our disposal to film them. We are not just filmmakers, we are artists, each one with a unique style and a different vision. But there is something that unites us... Wether we are professionals or amateurs, we all have asked for a coin to mount our cameras.

Hello NoFilmschoolers. Sorry for my bad english. I wrote this post because i know i am not the only one feeling uncomfortable using a coin to mount my expensive gear. It´s difficult to tighten a screw with a tiny coin, not to mention the time wasted looking or asking for one.

For those reasons, i would like to share with you a universal camera screwdriver, that i designed for myself: The Rabbit Key.

I decided to manufacture it and sell it online after having a lot of my friends asking me for one. You can get it online here:
(worldwide shipping)

My Rabbit Key has made my job faster and easier. I am sure it will make your job easier too.

Its time to stop the coin madness. Don´t use a coin, use a Rabbit Key.

All the best.

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