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Student film needs your help!!!

I am messaging you to help spread the word about an upcoming film I'm working on called Greener Grass. It is for my senior seminar in film production at UNCW, and essentially my last film I'll be making in school.
The film is about a college senior named Lance, who struggles with his body image, isolation and thoughts of suicide. Lance has promised to take his friend troubled friend Melanie to the airport, and they spend the night together with devastating consequences. I can't tell you the ending, but you can read more about the concept and the crew of the film on our Facebook page or our Kickstarter.

This project is important to me because as a student film crew, we want to make the best film possible and leave behind a legacy at UNCW. I've worked with the writer/director several times before this film, and I strongly believe in his vision for filmmaking and his cinematic abilities. The first film I made as a student was Love and Affection, and we just got into a festival called Cucalorus with it! The second was a shorter project we made over the summer called Myelin. They're both short films, no more than 20 minutes each. I hope you check them out!

Please message me if you’d like to see our films!!
Also, I am writing with the hope that you will help us spread our campaign so that we can raise the funds for our film. Sadly its hard for students to rent quality equipment without some sort of funding, and with our kickstarter campaign we went the all-or-nothing route, which in hindsight might have been a bit of a dangerous idea. We have about 5 days left to fund our campaign or we will be filming this thing on someones iphone (just kidding, we'd never do that). Honestly, the funding is riskier for me than the other members of our crew because as a production designer I have to buy clothing, props, set dressing and basically everything that goes in front of the camera out of pocket. We do have limited equipment we can get from the school, but there are some things that are so specific that I have to go out and find them for myself. I basically go broke every time I work on a student film because I give it my all, and it gets super expensive.

Please let me know how you're doing as well, I'd really like to hear from you. And if you find it in your heart to spread around our campaign, donate if you can, even the smallest amount is helpful and appreciated, or even just like our page on Facebook and send us words of support, you would be a hero to my education and my heart. Thank you, I love you all!!!
Campaign link:

Facebook page:

PS if you donate, there are some nice gifts that go to our backers, like a cut of the film, signed posters and photo albums! those can be nice, but I also am willing to make you a pinata, shave my head and sell my soul to the highest bidder.

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I Will see your work. Good luck with everything.

October 11, 2014 at 11:26AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

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