January 31, 2018 at 1:01PM


Sustainable Filmmaking

Learn how to reduce the carbon footprint of your next film at Winter Film Awards. Did you know the annual carbon emissions of film production in cities are often on par with their transportation sector? From waste to energy to transportation to water, the impact of production on local communities can be massive. In this talk, learn how Earth Angel became the leading sustainability consultancy for film and television in NYC, greening sets such as Billions, Madam Secretary, Ghostbusters and Divorce. See what it takes to make your production a sustainable production so that we can make great content while being part of the solution, not the problem. With Emellie O’Brien, Earth Angel

New York City's 7th annual Winter Film Awards International Film Fest runs February 22-March 3 2018. Check out our jam-packed lineup of 93 fantastic films in all genres from 31 countries, including Animation, Drama, Comedy, Thriller, Horror, Documentary and Music Video. Visit www.WinterFilmAwards.com for tickets, details and schedule! #WinterIsComing #CelebrateDiversity

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