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Thoughts on Alex Buono's Visual Storytelling Workshop? Did you attend?

Hello! Have any of you attended the Visual Storytelling workshop with Alex Buono (the DP of SNL's Film Unit) in the past? MZed just announced that Alex is doing a sequel to the first workshop this summer but I wasn't able to attend the first when it was in my area.

For those of you who attended the prior one - what were your thoughts on Alex and the class? Is it worth it to buy the ticket to Visual Storytelling 2?

http://www.visualstorytellingtour.com/ (original tour)
http://www.mzed.com/blog/85_mzed-announces-the-sequel-to-alex-buonos-art- (upcoming tour)


Hey Gabrielle -- literally just walked out of the Seattle session of Alex's class. Totally loved it. I've attended the Cutting Edge and Sound Advice tour, and this one was my favorite of the three.

Full disclosure-- I get to use my job's training budget to pay for these classes, so I'd never want to presume to tell someone else how to spend their money. But the rest of the crowd really seemed to enjoy the class, and there were steady "oohs and aahs" during the day as Alex showed us stuff.

Lots of good, practical stuff, and Alex is genuine, down-to-earth, and engaging throughout.

Happy to answer specific questions, but just wanted to say that I found this class totally worth my time.

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Bryan Howell
Screenwriter, corporate videographer, and indie filmmaker

Has anyone attended both of Alex's tours? I caught the first one and loved it. It was worth every penny to me. I revisited the DVD recently and still learned a great amount.

I'm considering ordering the second tour digital download but would like to have a general idea of the differentiation between the two tours. Anyone?

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Josh Paul
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I've been to both. Excellent seminars. Entertaining and certainly educational. He goes over some basic concepts, but just about anyone should be able to pick up something. The second tour touches on some techniques he uses on SnL of course. A little Pixel stick action, some lens light leak tricks, faking a car shot at night and general car shots, fake concert footage, some nice techniques for backdrops and lighting, and location scouting. He breaks down some famous movies and why directors/DPs do what they do. Vendors are there to show off some gear, cams, lights, ect. Of course you can ask him anything as well.

Some of the tips you could scrounge up around the web and some is his personal insight. And he'll push Canon as usual=) There was a lot less time to mingle this time around.

Still worth every penny.

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