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Thoughts on Alex Buono's Visual Storytelling Workshop? Did you attend?

Hello! Have any of you attended the Visual Storytelling workshop with Alex Buono (the DP of SNL's Film Unit) in the past? MZed just announced that Alex is doing a sequel to the first workshop this summer but I wasn't able to attend the first when it was in my area.

For those of you who attended the prior one - what were your thoughts on Alex and the class? Is it worth it to buy the ticket to Visual Storytelling 2?

http://www.visualstorytellingtour.com/ (original tour)
http://www.mzed.com/blog/85_mzed-announces-the-sequel-to-alex-buonos-art- (upcoming tour)


It's a great seminar with lots of useful information.If you're not new to filmmaking you might run into some material you already know but overall I'd say it's worth it. The discount vouchers and networking opportunites alone make it worth it. I'd look at it this way: If Alex Buono called you on the phone and said "Hey Gabby wanna hang out and pick my brain for a day?" How much would you pay to hop on a plane and meet this guy in NYC for coffee and scones? Based on the last one I'm guessing this one will be much more involved. The insights on how SNL goes about making all the skits in such a short turn around was particularly infomative. Personally seeing someone like Alex approach a technique or problem in a way that I have tried in the past but maybe failed at was vindicating. Makes you feel like your not a total amatuer just maybe off by a step or two :)

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Thanks for sharing Saskamodie. Great information, especially since I'm planning on attending when he's here in Portland, Oregon. Very much looking forward to his take on using what you have available and the aspect of shooting things with a quick turn around in mind.

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