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Thousands of Free HD Stock Footage and Motion Graphic Clips

Hi Guys!

I'm Harry, Director of Operations for - the free stock footage site.

I'm here today to find out what we could do better, in terms of both user experience and content.

For those of you who haven't come across Videvo yet, the deal is - you sign up for free, and instantly have access to download anything on the site. We don't charge, but the first line of each search results displays third party clips. After a very long deliberation process we decided this was the best way to go about softly monetizing the site to cover costs.

We try to get out on interesting shoots from time to time, here's a blog post written about our London aerial trip:

We also offer exclusive content to members on a monthly basis, via email. So each month we shoot a pack, upload it to the backend of Videvo and fire it off through the email server. This month's pack was Food, you can access it by typing 'foodstock15' into the Videvo search bar. These clips won't appear anywhere else on the site.

Finally, members are able to upload their own footage - we stimulate this by having giveaways every now and again. Simple competitions, usually the most uploaded clips in a month wins. Previous prizes have been items such as GoPro's and Motorizes Sliders, we're looking at some bigger stuff for upcoming contests.

So that's about it! I'd love to get any feedback/ideas from you guys - we're here and ready to act on any valid comments. A bit about us, we actually run a video production company in Oxford, and started Videvo as a resource to help ourselves as much as our users!

I'm trying to push enhancement packs with the team at the moment, so things like light leaks, overlays, etc - what are your thoughts on these?

Thanks for reading, and here are a couple more codes to put into Videvo to access some exclusive stock:

thirsty15 - Water slow-motion clips, shot on Sony FS7
MaartenLCF! - Medical clips delivered in pro-res
foodstock15 - Food stock, as mentioned above

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