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Tim Burton MasterClass: Breaking Down the Odd & Beautiful

Tim Burton: The Master of Odd
Tim Burton is one of the most talented film directors, film producers, artists and writers who live on this planet. He can be considered as a perfect example for a combination of innovativeness and talent. Tim Burton has been blessed by the nature for his excellent imaginativeness. He also possesses excellent drawing skills. Painting was the hobby of Tim Burton during his childhood. When he grew old, he converted his hobby into his career.

As soon as Tim Burton completed his graduation, he started working in the Walt Disney Studios as an apprentice animator. The experience he got while working created a tremendous impact on his future as well. In fact, this experience helped him to make his mark as a poet, writer, producer, director and a stop motion artist. He has also contributed a lot towards the success of the American film industry.

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so strange... i had a documentary where burton remember and talk about that period like a nightmare, where he had a lots of problems, he hide himself under desktop and more...

October 30, 2016 at 9:13AM

Carlo Macchiavello

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