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Understanding the VFX Pipeline Course (Special Discount - 20 % OFF)

Course Link: http://bit.ly/vfxfb20

Understanding the VFX Pipeline: Creating Great Looking Shots

This course covers how the VFX process works from starting with an idea for a project, taking it into concept and then going through the process to get to the final.


Some reviews from current students:

I have been looking for one really good project-based training beginners training series that will break down all the small elements of how certain VFX sequences are done, but deliver it in a way that a non-technical director can understand. I have found it with this course. It was just the right amount of information to give me much better understanding of the entire workflow process. I know feel as if I can dig deeper into VFX training with a much better knowledge than before. My only complaint is that it could have lasted hours and hours longer, because know I want to know more:) Thanks.

- Jason Francois

This course is an excellent introduction to the VFX process. He takes you through all of the major concepts and explains how to approach shots. I appreciated his level of experience and professionalism.

- Michael Smith

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