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Unscripted "a shot in the dark" movie; need legal assistance

20 years ago, my husband and I were going to make a movie while traveling out west in an RV. We were young, aspiring movie makers (in film school) with a script, equipment and RV but never followed thru. Present day, we have 4 kids and still love to travel and are full of ideas (and equipment). Our kids are begging us to follow thru with it, so next summer we have changed our script/story to include our kids while traveling out west and make our dream come true. Our "script" is more scene descriptions with topics we will improvise....I did mention we have 4 kids! At best we would love to put together something entertaining for you tube. While we are knowledgeable on shooting scenes and editing, we lack the knowledge when it comes to legalities. I'm looking for legal assistance and connecting with someone who I could consult with before fulfilling this 20 year old dream my husband and I had (and now our kids who are also aspiring filmmakers).

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While I am an attorney, I offer no legal advice.

What do you want to know? Go shoot your movie!!! IF a question of what kind of legal entity (an LLC, INC, or nothing) that is a question you can find that discussion online. If raising money, using locations, music rights, and other basic filmmaking tips, search here you can find info. Years ago this info was secret, now it's right here.

And remember this: folks dumber than you have made feature films (most terrible, but they made them!) so the only thing stopping you is you. Not some dumb legal issue.

But it seems you already know what you want, so GO SHOOT YOUR FILM.

If however you have very specific needs, you should be clear on what they are and seek professional (legal, accounting, etc.) help as needed before you shoot so you don't run into problems later. But you must be clear with what specifically you need help with.

If your answer is EVERYTHING. Start here, watch videos, listen to podcasts, ask filmmaking friends, and learn the process.

Good Luck!!!

January 6, 2018 at 3:05PM

Chriss Williams
Film Professor

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