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with the ENTIRETY of all ALL the info on skript2skreen, along with the "STAGE 1: DEVELOPMENT" Production-Resources on the Member's PRODUCTION RESOURCES Download-Page, we have everything we need to GUIDE our Project(s) thru a SUCCESSFUL DEVELOPMENT STAGE

if you've viewed the "S1:D" section before 9/7 it's now been FULLY UPDATED with NEW-INFO plus 6 Video-Tutorials (over 4.5+HRS material) & the "WorkShop INTRO" Section has now also been Fully-Updated w/New-Info plus 3 PROOF-of-CONCEPT videos; CLICK HERE to go DIRECTLY to those SECTIONS:

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"skript2skreen" is a FREE Members-Only ONLINE WorkShop covering Each & Every ASPECT of Indie-FILM/TV PRODUCTION thru a STEP-BY-STEP/HANDS-ON approach in a COMPREHENSIVE, FULL-DETAIL, METICULOUS [and FUN] way - from initial SCRIPT-IDEA ("skript") all the way to DISTRIBUTION ("skreen") via VIDEO-Tutorials, INTERACTIVE PDF-WorkSheets, Member's Q&A/NETWORKING Forum, & LIVE TRAINING STREAM - along with TOP Industry-Professional GUESTS - categorized into the 5-STAGES of Producing a HIGH-QUALITY SUCCESSFUL Indie-FILM/TV Project


There are LOTS of free indie-film production websites out there that provide LOTS of valuable info, yet in our experience there are none (even those that charge membership-fees) that provide Step-By-Step GUIDANCE throughout the ENTIRE Process of Indie-FILM/TV Production

Our VISION for "skript2skreen" is to provide just such a Free-Online RESOURCE by inviting YOU all to join us on the JOURNEY as we PRODUCE our "VEHICLE" Feature-Film PROJECT

Thru this WorkShop, our AIM is to assist in becoming PROFESSIONALLY CONFIDENT to Produce your Indie-Film and/or Episodic-TV project(s) - whether Beginner or Experienced, Hobbyist or PRO, this WorkShop provides EVERYTHING needed to realize your Indie-Production GOALS

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The TRUE Purpose of

We at MalaCom-UNATI are PROUDLY & will FOREVER be INDEPENDENT FilmMakers & do indeed have ALOTTA "issues" with HOLLYWOOD (lol - both CREATIVELY as well as "politically");

so let's get-clear on the TRUE purpose of the s2s-WorkShop: it is BY NO MEANS meant to suggest we "sell-out" our INDIE VISION to conform to the Hollywood-Standards of "commercial" Film/TV entertainment

it IS meant to provide us with the TOOLS - Skills/Techniques - the PROCESS of Producing Projects that are at the "mainstream" level of HIGH-QUALITY

by MAINSTREAM quality, we certainly don't necessarily mean COMMERCIAL (unless of course that is indeed your goal), we simply mean the level-of-quality we're all accustomed to experiencing in THEATRES & TV

if our goals are to Produce unique-projects mainly for our Friends/Colleagues/Family & to share solely within our Local-Communities (which is indeed of course quite a worthy/inspiring goal) then we can more-or-less "get away" with a level-of-quality that may be considered "amateur" by Industry-Professionals

yet, if our goals are ALSO to Produce these unique-projects that share our Indie-Vision with the GENERAL-PUBLIC thru MAJOR THEATRE/TV DISTRIBUTION, the only-way to have the opportunity to do that is for our project's to have the level-of-quality considered "professional" by those Industries

that level-of-quality is of-course achieved - like any other skill-based profession - by KNOWING/UTILIZING the TOOLS/PROCESSES & SKILLS/TECHNIQUES that assure such level-of-quality;

it is obviously indeed HOLLYWOOD who has DEVELOPED/HONED/PERFECTED those Tools-Processes/Skills-Techniques

we can learn all that stuff thru trial/error-frustration/disappointment (all of which of-course are Great-Teachers) AND/OR we can learn all that stuff thru the Knowledge/Application of the Industry's 5-STAGE PROCESS OF PRODUCTION: the latter is what the s2s-WorkShop aims to provide our cherished Indie-Community

so, in a nut-shell, there are basically 11 MAJOR-ELEMENTS that affect the Level-of-Quality of any Production - our PROFICIENCY in executing them determines whether the "Look & Feel" of the Project will be either Professional/Amateur; they are:

A] the Quality of CAMERA-WORK (i.e., Composition/Framing, ANGLES, Camera-Movement, et al.)

B] the Quality of the LIGHTING (i.e., "2/3/4-Point" CINEMATIC Lighting, Natural & "Practicals" MANIPULATION, et al.)

C] the Quality of SOUND (i.e., Clarity/Tone/Resonance of Sound-CAPTURE, et al.)

D] the Quality of the ACTING ('nuff-said ~ LOL)

E] the Quality of LOCATIONS (i.e., SET-Design/Decoration/Dressing, et al.)

F] the Quality of the ACTION (i.e., Stunt/Fight CHOREOGRAPHY, et al.)

G] the Quality of SFX/CGI/VFX (i.e., if-applicable, thru the various Software-Programs used to Create such, et al.)

H] the Quality of the SCORE/SOUNDTRACK (i.e., Emotional-MOOD, et al.)

I] the Quality of the EDITING (i.e., Timing/Pacing, "Cutting-on-the-Action", Color-GRADING, et al.)

J] the Quality of the SCRIPT (i.e., Story-STRUCTURE, Main/Supporting-CHARACTERS, THEME, et al.)

K] the Quality of PRODUCTION (i.e., ORGANIZATION, Team-Work, SCHEDULING, et al.)

all the Skills/Techniques within each of these 11 MAJOR-ELEMENTS were all developed to not only assure the Overall-Quality of a FILM/TV project but also to fully bring-about the DIRECTOR's VISION in regards to the Emotions/Reactions & Overall-EXPERIENCE he/she wants to elicit from the Audience (as just one example, if we want to make the Audience TRULY FEEL empathy/anger/joy/sorrow/excitement in-reaction to a Character and/or Scene, other than the ACTOR's performances there are SPECIFIC Camera-Shots/Lighting that elicit those specific Audience-Emotions & choosing the "wrong" ones can cause the Audience to feel the OPPOSITE of what the Director intends)

the 11 MAJOR-ELEMENTS are THOROUGHLY discussed in FULL-DETAIL throughout skript2skreen's 5-STAGES of PRODUCTION (along with the PRODUCTION-RESOURCES on the Member's Download-Page & the before/after video-samples of how the 8 MAJOR-ASPECTS contribute to "professional vs amateur" footage which are interspersed throughout all the Video-Tutorials on the website)


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STAGE 2: PRE-PRODUCTION Section will be completed approx. 9/10

STAGE 3: PRODUCTION Section will be completed approx. 9/24

STAGE 4: POST-PRODUCTION & STAGE 5: DISTRIBUTION Sections will be completed approx. 9/30

the "PRODUCTION RESOURCES" download-page is in the process of being completed (WorkShop INTRO & STAGE 1: DEVELOPMENT Production-Resources have been completed)

we thank you for your patience

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kindly do let us know thru the NETWORK FORUM's "MEMBER FEEDBACK" section 'bout your experience with skript2skreen thus far, as well as your Comments/Suggestions 'bout improving it - we'd LOVE to hear from you

Peace, Love, & SUCCESS

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