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Video Editing NAS options

I'm looking to set up either a NAS or some type of server for a small group of about 8 iMacs. It would be nice to edit off of/share assets etc. between each iMac. Hoping to achieve something over VLAN 1GB port instead of getting into fiber. We currently edit on Adobe CC with local thunderbolt drives.


Insight on Raid and back up would be greatly appreciated also.

October 15, 2014 at 3:49PM


Without knowing more details... If you're just looking for something that works reasonably well, has some redundancy, and largely runs on its own, Synology's DiskStation products are pretty good. We have several people who edit over LAN with assets on our DiskStation, and have no huge issues, other than the limitation of gigabit.

There are better solutions out there, but I can't recommend too much without knowing your budget, level of sysadmin experience, etc. Building a PC that holds a bunch of hard drives and putting FreeNAS on it is a fantastic solution. ZFS, even better.

If you're used to editing over Thunderbolt, gigabit ethernet is going to feel pretty slow. Hopefully you're not editing anything higher than 1080p.

More generally, keep your footage always in a RAID6 configuration for safety, stay away from Drobo products, and periodically back up everything to bare hard drives, regardless of how awesome/redundant your NAS is.

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