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Video Jam is an ongoing series of unique, experimental events which seek to explore and re-­examine the relationship between moving image and live sound. Each of our programmes feature a wide variety of contemporary short films of all genres, from artists at all stages in their career. For each of these films we commission a different musical act or sound artist to compose an original soundtrack of their own interpretation to be performed as a live accompaniment, resulting in what we call a ‘blind collaboration’. As curators we act as the go-­between, bringing together these two elements to create a new, third entity to be witnessed as a live experience. Whilst our priority is to programme high quality work that interests and excites us, our emphasis is always on inclusion and variety.

For our 2015 programme we have a lot of projects in the pipeline. You may submit for one or several of the three specific events below, which each have their own deadlines, or simply for the year ahead. We value and make a record of every submission received.

1) Quays Culture presents Video Jam at The Lowry 13/03/15
Performance & Film

A classic 8-10 act programme with films around 5-15 minutes in length of any genre (non dialogue films are favoured). Musicians of any genre welcome to apply. We are particularly keen to work with electronic-instrumental and classical musicians for this event.

Our thematic focus for this event is ‘performance.’ We are seeking artists, musicians and filmmakers whose work may relate to this in terms of both form and content. Examples include expanded cinema, live film, performance in film. We’re open to hear any ideas you have.
(Deadline: Wednesday 11th February)

2) Video Jam at Sounds From The Other City 03/05/15: VJ & DJs

Video Jam return to Salford’s much loved music festival Sounds from the Other City for a second year running, this year we are curating a stage at The Kings Arms – both upstairs and downstairs. This will be a dynamic 4-5 act programme.

We’re looking for sound artists, musicians and bands to score approx. 20 minutes of short films, followed by an approx. 20 minute set. They are welcome to invite guests to score the film alongside them and/or perform a live set.

Unique to this programme, we’re looking for filmmakers to submit 20 mins of film material of any genre who would in addition be interested in providing a DJ set on the night. A first for Video Jam!
We are unable to work with very large bands for this event due to space restrictions in The Kings Arms.
(Deadline: Sunday 1st March)

3) Video Jam and The Museum of Science and Industry at Manchester 'After Hours': Bringing science to life

Our debut at the Museum of Science and Industry forms part of After Hours, a one night nocturnal festival of culture and creativity supported by Creative Tourist. This will be an atmospheric programme, staged site-specifically within the displays at the museum. For this event we are inviting artists to bring films that explore industry and the sciences to life. We are looking for musicians who are up for a challenge and who are keen to utilise the space on offer. Film wise, whether you’re a film artist with relevant existing work, or whether you’d like to make something new especially for this event, we’d like to hear your ideas.
(Deadline: Saturday, 14th March)

To apply please send an online link to your work to: submissions@videojam.co.uk

If you have a preference as to which event you would like to apply for please state so in your submission.

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