March 9, 2017 at 9:16AM, Edited March 9, 9:16AM


Videohead - An Upcoming Feature Film

Hello NFS, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to join the campaign for the upcoming feature Videohead by director James Todino, which I am currently helping to produce. Any support or advice would be greatly appreciated.

The film follows Al, a man who wakes with no knowledge of who or what he is. Imprisoned in a dream like room, his only connection to the outside world is a TV, which begins to inform his personality. He is presented with a set of characters and footage which teaches him to think, function and express himself. However the TV slowly begins to expose him to progressively more disturbing imagery and engages him in a series of debilitating challenges. AL must find a way to free his mind from the influence of the TV and escape the room.

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