September 16, 2019 at 8:12AM

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Vintage watches

Owning a vintage timepiece is a lot like owning a vintage car. , without the oil leaks. There is a reasonable amount of preventative maintenance that should be factored in (most non-complicated timepieces require a basic checkup and tune every 5-7 years), but then again, a new piece should really get the same treatment as well.
It is also important to note that vintage watches will never be as accurate as a modern piece ), but that doesn’t matter. Owning a mechanical timepiece is about experiencing the measurement of time, not just telling it. And much like crank windows and carburetors, there is an undeniable charm that resonates throughout the experience.

Expect to form a relationship with your vintage watch — they each have a character all their own, something that soulless, mass-produced modern watches (and automobiles) lack most of the time. It may take a little more effort to keep running properly, but again, like a vintage automobile, it repays you in spades when you take it out for a spin.

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