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From Viral Short Film to Studio Feature.

A few years ago, someone put a little 2 minute horror short called "Lights Out" on their Facebook board. It was pretty creepy and I assume most of you have seen it. I decided to learn more about the filmmaker behind the short and discovered a really wonderful Vimeo channel where David F. Sandberg had not only a variety of very short horror films, but some great videos about how he made them. Fast forward to a few years later, and to my surprise I find that David has now written and directed a feature version of Lights Out with producer James Wan and is about to start directing Annabelle 2.

I had a wonderful time talking with David about his meteoric rise. It's amazing that someone who had never even been on a feature film set was suddenly thrust into directing a film for New Line. David is also very candid about the experience.

The experience has also inspired me to, instead of focusing on a feature, trying to make little shorts to hone my craft as a writer director. I hope you guys enjoy the interview and I was curious what you guys think about making short films vs. features as a way to build your resume as a filmmaker.


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Thanks for sharing man. Im about to crash for a shoot tomorrow but will check out after

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