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Vision Color Luts - What order do you use them in?

I'm having trouble finding an answer online on how exactly to use Vision Color's Film Emulation luts.

I'm filming with a Sony A7s. I most often film in S-log-2.

My question is; Do I apply a _CIN lut first, then an _FPE lut after corrections? Or do you apply _CIN, then _FC, then _FPE to properly emulate a DI workflow?

Do you still use a _CIN lut if the footage was encoded in S-log-2?

Thanks everybody!

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The answer depends a lot on whether you're matching to other footage, but if it's just the S Log from your sony then there are a couple ways:
The simplest way would be to use any FC (Film Contrast) LUT you want first, then tweak it a bit after to make sure it's properly exposed.
A more complex way would be to use the FP (Film Print) to start and then go crazy with your own creative grade on top of that.
The most "involved" way to use them would be start with your choice of film stock FP LUT, do a heavy creative grade on top of that, and then finish off with a film NEG FC. This process is the closest to how shooting 35mm film works today where the camera has a film stock, which is scanned and graded digitally, then distributed on a film negative for theaters (Digital projectors are starting to eliminate the last step).
Personally, I rarely go the last route because Impulz LUTs introduce a lot of color noise so I usually start with a FP or FC (with the strength around 50%) and do a heavy grade over that. Eliminates the need for noise reduction for most shots and gets the basic benefits of subtle film-like color shifts and a film-like contrast curve.
(You will probably never use CIN unless matching with footage that was actually shot on film.)

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