June 9, 2020 at 8:32AM


Waiting for the phone to ring? Just do it!

"Wait for the phone to ring" - said my agent. I was new to the biz over 2 decades ago. I understood coming from a sports background that you needed to wait your turn to be a starter. You needed to earn their respect to get your shot. Background work wasn't where I wanted to be. I was hungry and couldn't wait I wrote my first script and shot it based on a true story. Friends, gear and a steep learning curve. $0 and got major sponsors from UFC, gear and locations. My 2nd I wanted to push myself even more. Let's use a helicopter and cars. Let's do a 3D bullet render and some gun play 80s style. All for NO BUDGET. Donated all the money to charity @sickkidstoronto Many awards later from Hollywood and a spit in the ocean created a ripple. Offers for jobs as a director. Casting jobs as an actor. I just wanted to do what I loved and pull everyone I could to the nearest island if they felt they were drowning. With the tech we have and phones able to do so much now there should be 0 excuses. Here's a few scenes from the movie that inspired students, teachers, filmmakers and actors to just go and DO IT!
Being an Actor (really the biz) is by far one of the toughest career paths.

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