September 14, 2015 at 4:27AM


Wandering DP #40: Excellent lighting tutorial

I just stumbled across an excellent breakdown of a high-end commercial shot that takes us through the whole process, namely:

1. Get the Job
2. View the treatment/boards and discuss with Director
3. Location Scout or see the stills from the Location Scout
4. Give Feedback
5. Tech Scout
6. Come up with a Plan
7. Shoot Day – Execute
8. Grade
9. Done & Dusted

In particular, the lighting diagrams really show how one can take a location that seems quite impossible (large picture windows with light going all the wrong way) and come up with a lighting plan that makes everything look beautiful. Yes, it does mean using a 12K HMI, a 4K HMI, some filtration and some other lighting modifiers. But the diagrams reveal the secrets of how these big-boy toys actually deliver amazing results.

Shot on RED DRAGON with ARRI Master Prime lenses and ARRI HMI lighting instruments.

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