April 17, 2017 at 5:08PM


We are currently giving out our OS X Ingest and logging tool Qi - feedback and help wanted

Qi has been supporting TV series and films here in Norway the last 18 months and is largely developed on and for sets and the needs the productions haven't found covered in other tools.

That is its strength.
It is multi-user, multi-production, has a multi-cam sync module and works with manual metadata or metadata from Movie-Slate.

Or is just a brilliant, fast and simple to work with ingest and production-structuring tool.

It is "Production" focused, but you can work on several productions at once. The Tutorials come here:

Register to download for free here:

Currently we have pretty deep support for Alexa, RED and Sony F55.
Sony FS7, FS5 and Canon C300 MK I are also natively supported.

But here is the catch:
We need example magazines from as many cameras as possible to integrate them into the "native" workflows.

What we need is basically:
Copies of complete magazines with 1-4 really short shots (1 sec), ad a longer shot if the camera segments files.

Anyone who could help me collecting this database would receive... a great THANK YOU! (as the program is already distributed for free).

Please contact me here, or pop me a mail to gunleik (at) quine (dot) no if you would like to contribute to the compatibility project.

You can OF COURSE copy any kind of file with the program already, and there is a smart way to set up rules for "unknown" filetypes, but full compatibility is where it shines.

Hope this is welcome and of interest to the community!

Gunleik Groven

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