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How to Look After a Used Car Following Purchase?

If you wish to keep your used car in top shape, you have to do something every day or at regular intervals. You cannot just depend on your mechanic to carry out the cleaning each time you send it for servicing, given that mechanics are mainly trained to inspect a car’s mechanical aspects and nothing more. When you look after your used car in a proper way, you can get to use it for long and also improve its resale value. You can also take pride in being able to safeguard your valuable investment. Here are some tips to look after and maintain your used car after purchase.

Weekly Cleaning

Use a suitable cleaning product that your manufacturer recommends to wipe down the leather or vinyl seats. You have to do this a minimum of one time every week. While cleaning it, you should also clean the door sills and the door jambs.
Clean the car windows inside out, which should include the windscreens at the rear and the front. Do not forget to clean up the mirrors also. Also empty any waste receptacles, such as ashtrays, which you might have inside the car.
You need to be specifically attentive to the dashboard region, given that it is the most visible section of the vehicle where you will be looking for most times. It is a sensible decision to keep this area looking as clean as possible, given that it is similar to your signature! It happens to be the space that most people will judge you about. If a Vin Check during the time of purchase revealed some problem areas in the car that might have suffered damages during an accident, you need to be more mindful about cleaning those spots.

Monthly Cleaning

You also have to clean up the carpets in the interior cabin after you take the floor mats off. Wipe the cockpit areas and inner dashboard down with the help of a detailing spray which can easily be availed in any supermarket. Carry out the other cleaning tasks aforementioned.

Quarterly Cleaning

Use a proprietary cleaning product to clean all the vinyl and leather surfaces and seats. Look at the space beneath the rear windscreen. Take care to get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt that you might have missed during the prior cleaning session. At times, there can be insets lodged at the edge of surface protectors such as carpets, and it can be tough to see them.
You also have to carry out spot cleaning of your used vehicle time and again – for instance, when there is spillage of drinks or foods on the seats. It is easier to clean leather and there will be no problem on your end in case you have a solid leather preserver. Carpets need some more care on your part. When you clean up spills on carpets, you have to use a soft circular rubbing motion. With some gentle cleaning, you can make your carpet last for the longest time.

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Caring and good handling will help to keep the car for many years. Good service in itself will not only increase machine performance, but save you from constant repair bills.

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