November 20, 2019 at 5:00AM


What Is A CV?

First and foremost your CV is a Sales and Marketing tool. Understand that and you are a long way down the road to beating the competition!
"CV" - short for "Curriculum Vitae" means a written outline of your educational background, your work experience and your skill set.
It is NOT intended to be your entire life story! It is a Sales tool! It is about getting you a job.
It is an attention grabber which is designed to get you to interview stage at which you have the opportunity to sell yourself. A clear, concise, tailored CV can significantly increase your chances of making interview stage.
That is what a CV's intention is - nothing more, nothing less. Getting you an interview.
It is the most important document you will write so you had better put in the effort and, as time moves on, so your experience will grow and so will your achievements. All the more important that they are not lost in a poorly constructed CV.
It is all about first impressions! Good first impression = more likely progression.Tahat’s why it’s better to be very attentive when you write your cv also if you not sure about your writing skills its better to turn for help to such services as resumebros resumebros for proofreading your work or you even can order your CV there.
It is the initial step in what may prove to be a long and arduous process. Selling yourself is never easy - at least for most of us. So be prepared for some tough questions and some serious thinking.

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