February 9, 2016 at 8:55AM


What to do when people DON’T BELIEVE IN YOU!

I know that everyone reading this has had a moment in time where someone did not believe in them for one reason or another. It’s a part of life and a REAL BIG PART of the film industry. So many times in my career I was told that:

“You nuts! That’ll never work.”

“That’s never been done before.”
Well I love hearing that. It has taken time for me to enjoy when people say “it can’t be done.” I truly use it as fuel. You must first believe in yourself before anyone will believe in you.

Now you also have to be smart about this. You can’t blindly believe in yourself without having a plan, educating yourself and understanding the playing field you’ll be walking on to.

In this episode I go over exactly that, how to deal with non-believers and how to build a plan to make your goal come true. Please share this episode with anyone who needs to hear it.


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