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What Frame Per Second Should I Shoot At?

So I'm going for the smooth cinematic look which is usually 24fps, and am uploading to YouTube.
Should I shoot in 60fps to get a smoother slo-mo shot and put it into a 24fps timeline? or do I need to film at 48 (50) fps and put into a 24fps timeline?
I'm still unsure of how it works!

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It sounds like you are shooting a piece that is going to have normal time as well as slow motion time. You have 2 decisions to make,the second is based on the first.

What frame rate should you shoot at?
This can depend on equipment. Typically the film 'look' is shooting 24FPS at a 180 degree shutter. That results in a 1/48th of a second exposure time per-frame.
You can shoot at true 24fps with a 180 degree shutter and have youtube deal with it.If your camera rates shutter in terms of speed 1/48th.

You can get a similar feel by shooting at 30fps and having an exposure per fame of 1/48th, or if your camera goes by shutter angle about 225.

For YouTube I am not sure how much difference it makes. It may be simpler to shoot 30fps if your camera can support it. If it can't, shoot 24fps and let youtube convert the frame rate for you.

Next determine what your time dilation is? I.e. how much screen time will real time take? So should 1 real second take 1.5 seconds, 2 second, 3 seconds etc?

If 1 second of real time should take 2 second you need to double your record rate, so record 48fps for 24 and 60fps for 30. Likewise 72 fps for 3 seconds at 24 and 90 for 3 seconds at 30.

Does this make any kind of sense?

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