October 18, 2020 at 11:43AM


What is the most complex character arc hidden in the otherwise passable film?

I was watching a Val Kilmer horror movie "The Thaw" and while the movie was mostly passable, the character arc of Val Kilmer's character was fascinating.

He plays a scientist who studies the effects of global warming and climate change who stumbles into a deadly discovery and attempts to contain it. In the past, he was an ecoterrorist who tried to make difference radically, but then he decided to take more measured way to no avail.

Years of being ignored and laughed at got under his skin and when pushed to the limit he snaps back to his older self. It turns out that after that he actually wanted to infect himself, get out of the desolate location and start an epidemic to prove his point and force mankind to change their ways.

It is warped and borders on mustache-twirling but at the same time it is plausible. The man is pissed off at the world, he is pissed no one takes him seriously and when he during a routine research he stumbles into a deadly discovery and realizing his dire fate - he decides to make the most out of it.

What is your example of fascinating character arcs in otherwise passable movies?

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