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What Really is an Independent Film?

Is George Lucas an independent filmmaker? He did make all his films outside the studio system and paid for them all out of his pocket. Is the $8000 horror feature created to with the sole purpose to be sold an independent film? Is the five million dollar film starring a major movie star that worked for scale an independent film?

We are all indie filmmakers but are we making independent films? Take a listen.



It seems like the term is used a lot in marketing films which gets people a little mixed up as to what it actually means. I'd define it as a movie made outside of the major studios. Low budgets and limited releases tend to be associated with indies but it's not always the case. Technically Pulp Fiction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, No Country for Old Men and Terminator are all indie films. But we don't tend to think of them as such.

April 19, 2016 at 12:31PM

Maury Shessel

Seriously Alex. A lot of people have asked you to stop the free promotion.

If you want traffic, pay for it. NFS has sponsorship options.

(But as a side note, you should make the podcasts available on your site, not just for download. Stream from sound cloud or something. Much more intuitive than asking people to download and listen)

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Jordan Mederich
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