November 23, 2018 at 12:47PM


What is your dream camera?

I'm looking to upgrade from a Panasonic GH4 to something with some more pro features. I should mention that I am primarily a sound recordist, but I do occasionally work with a camera for b-roll stuff and I'm interested in the technology. My wife and I run a small filmmaking company and she is a cinematographer. We usually rent cameras and lenses depending on client requirements, but lately we've been considering getting a decent in-house camera for a lot of our bread & butter shoots.

One thing that I've noticed in my hunt for the perfect camera, if I may use a comparison with sound equipment: Generally all the features that I need are available in the sound recording equipment that's available on the market. I mean, sure, microphones all have their different uses and there isn't such a thing as 'one mic for all applications', and much is true with lenses. But when it comes to mixer/recorders, my Sound Devices 664 does everything I can see that I could ever need short of a job that would require a whole sound crew/mixing desk etc. So far, I've found that this is not the case with cameras.

I don't want this to be a 'What camera should I buy?' thread because there is already so much great info and advice already on that topic. This is more of a thought experiment:

'If you could put all of the features that you would love into one perfect camera that's within your budget range, what would that camera be?'

Here's my dream camera specs:

• 4K - 10Bit 4.2.2 Up to 410Mbps Internal recording onto XQD cards (2 slots) (Not fussed about Raw really)
• 2K/HD - 10Bit 4.2.2 50Mbps & 8bit 25Mbps Internal recording onto SD cards (2 Slots)
• Canon colour science
• Video/Audio out via BCN & HDMI
• Timecode in/out & Genlock via BCN
• Up to 4 separate channels of recorded audio
• Decent forward facing built-in stereo microphone with some degree of at least half decent physical wind protection
• 180FPS continuous slow-mo in 2K/HD-10Bit 4.2.2 ¦ 50/60p in 4K
• Low light and ISO capabilities similar to that of the Sony A7Sii
• Canon dual pixel autofocus
• Built-in sensor image stabilisation
• Built-in variable ND filter with auto function up to 10 stops
• Timelapse/Stills capability
• Form factor of the Canon C100mkii (i.e. small, lightweight and convenient to use)

All of this for around 7-8 grand delivered would be perfect thank you very much!

What would be your ideal camera specs?

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