January 13, 2017 at 4:16AM


When the LED Street Lights Encounter UAV

After recent years of rapid development, LED lighting products have been more popular. In the past promotion, LED lighting products are usually playing the card of "energy". In the wave of cross-border integration, LED lighting industry is also trying to find the possibility of using cross-border integration to increase the product added value.
Among them, LED street lights frequently make cross-border integration, "LED street lights +" performance eye-catching. For example, "LED street lights +" solar energy, LED street lights + networking, LED street lights + charging pile and so on.
Even the black technology circles, but also spotted the "LED street lights +."
Recently, the United States Amazon Technologies Company received a US invention patent, the patent show their technology program of "LED street lights + UAV" in detail.
Briefly, that is, take the head of the LED street lights as the apron of the UAV, so that any UAV in the city can find the apron on the edge of the road at any time.
If just so, it is not enough black technology.
Overall solution in Amazon Technologies includes the satellite,communications base stations, servers, LED street lights, UAV. The original ordinary LED street lights work with space satellites together, which are magnificent at the moment.
After "LED street lights + UAV", space satellites for colleagues, LED streetlights also put forward their own higher requirements, with more skills.
Can provide charging for the UAV, replace the battery service.
Can fuel for the UAV.
The foot is also equipped with a delivery bird box. You will receive a messages send by UAV in the future to inform you that there is a courier in the LED street lights on the edge of the road of your home.
Keep out wind and rain for the UAV in bad weather.

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