July 11, 2019 at 4:39AM


Where Are The Women?

It's a call echoed across the commercial video industry. Even here at Shiny, only 30% of our submissions come from female directors. At this early stage of a director's careers, there should be no gender-based barriers to entry - so what's going on?
At this next edition of Shiny, in association with Trailer Park London, we attempt to address this thorny question.

- First, our screening for Heat 3 of the Shiny Awards will comprise a 50:50 gender split. Any female emerging directors out there? - this is a screening heat you should definitely enter!
As usual, all directors screened will be added to the increasingly prestigious #ShinyList https://www.shinyawards.com/shinylist

- Second, we have a brilliant panel of women who are active in this space. The discussion will be powered by the audience - come with questions! See some questions here to get you started: https://www.shinyawards.com/#2

- Third, the networking with pizza and drinks, generously supplied by Trailer Park. Hang out, build connections with panelists, industry guests and filmmaker peers: learn, progress, have fun.

July 23rd 2019: Trailer Park London
ENTER YOUR VIDEOS https://www.shinyawards.com/enter-and-attend/#1
BUY TICKETS https://www.shinyawards.com/enter-and-attend/#3

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