November 3, 2017 at 8:02AM


Where do you hire your kit from for projects or shoots?

This is primarily for UK readers. I am very keen to know where amateur and professional creatives hire their kit from.

If you're looking to rent photographic or AV kit at very low prices, or want to make extra money it's worth checking out this site

It is a peer-to-peer rental for creatives, it's both for professionals and amateurs needing short-term rentals of creative gear — such as cameras, lenses, lighting, projectors, monitors and TVs, sound recording, VR kit and much more.

KitMapper is not only unique in the fact that it is a platform for you to network and borrow gear from like-minded individuals, both Lister and Renter using KitMapper are covered by their KitMapper Guarantee, a legal rental agreement which makes sure you’re covered should anything happen to the kit whilst it’s out on hire.

Why use KitMapper?
The online platform allows creatives who own kit to loan it to users who are looking to hire kit, the prices for hires are set by users with the recommended price of 30-50 % less compared to rental houses.

Make money
You can make money from the equipment laying around not being used all the time. It's quick and easy to rent it out to other trusted users. You could make over £1000 a month from renting out kit.

Save money
You can access professional or niche pieces of kit which are not cost-effective to buy for short-term projects. Hire the kit you need from someone in your location for low prices.

Connect with like-minded people
KitMapper is a community for creatives like artists, business owners, gallery curators, Bloggers, influencers freelancers and students. Meet and connect with the Lister or Renter when you're making a hire.
If you're a student or new to the field, or simply looking to venture out but would like to speak and discuss ideas with experienced professionals in the field, this is the place for you! Many of they're users are expert creatives and soon enough you will be making new connections.

They want to connect and allow projects to take flight on a low budget. Join KitMapper ( for FREE, it's a fast-growing community.

They've also got a refer-a-friend scheme, for every friend you refer, you receive 10% OFF per EVERY friend that joins KitMapper. Check out the KitMapper site for more information.

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