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Which camera should I use as a freelancer for professional work?


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The past year and a half have seen me get a better understanding of the media landscape in Sydney, Australia. I have done internships with different institutions, one of which led to me being hired on different shoots as a freelancer. However, the work was more of a runner/assistant role.

I was looking to buy my own gear. I have a budget of $10,000 AUD.

I wasn't sure which camera to buy?

My priority is freelance work with the 2nd being passion projects to do on the side. (Short films etc)

I have looked at the Sony a7S Mk II, but I'm not sure if that's the best camera. The current standard seems to be 4K recording @ 50FPS. I was thinking the a7S ii due to its lowlight capabilities which will help and also due to its dynamic range.

I was hoping to get some guidance. I also need to take into account additional gear such as the slider, tripod, lenses. My previous gear is basic, outdated, cheap and amateurish, hence the upgrade.

So with all that I think I would have about $4000-5000 on the camera with the rest on gear.

What would you suggest?

Thank you for your time in replying to this question.


You should spend a day (and night) shooting with several cameras, not only to understand the ergonomics, but especially to see how you get along with the camera's color matrix. SONY colors--some love them, some hate them. Same with Panasonic (GH4). If you don't like the (digital) film stock, no amount of positive press about low-light, lightweight, slow motion, etc., is going to mean anything. If editing and grading the footage makes you happy, put the camera on your candidate list. If it makes you sad or mad, strike it from the list!

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"The current standard seems to be 4K recording @ 50FPS"

All of my client work is delivered in 720p still with a rare exception. The Sony is a great camera capable of great footage. But it's a bit like taming a wild horse. It's not something you'd necessarily take out your first time on the track. So to speak.

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